Swap Tokens and NFTs directly with anyone.

Get more for less. Swaptor enables you to easily swap tokens and NFTs with anyone at a fixed cost, without ever taking ownership of assets.

Found someone to swap with?

Swaptor is a peer-to-peer trading platform that enables you to exchange tokens safely, ensuring that both sides stick to their part of the deal.

Secure and Simple

Your tokens are yours until you get what you specify. Swaptor never claims overship over assets.

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No Hidden Fees

Creating a swap is free and always will be. A small, fixed fee is paid by the buyer upon accepting the swap.

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Atomic Swaps

Swaptor never takes custody or control over assets and executes an atomic swap directly.

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Here's how.

Swap modal illustration

Step 1

Create a swap.

Open the swap app. Choose what to swap and who to swap with. Connect your wallet and set up the swap. You can let anyone accept the swap or restrict it to a specific person by adding their address.

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Step 2

Share the swap.

Check the details of your swap in the swap overview. Share your swap by sending the swap link or QR code to anyone you wish to swap with.

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Step 3

Receive your tokens.

Once the other party reviews and accepts the swap terms, the smart contract automatically executes the swap.

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Swaptor is live on Q.

In partnership with the Q development team, we deployed Swaptor on Q, a blockchain for decentralized organizations that want to build in a secure and trusted environment that can operate beyond the code.

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Learn how Swaptor makes trading simple and secure without ever taking ownership of assets.

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