Swap directly with anyone.

Swap coins and NFTs safely with Swaptor. No slippage. Flat fees.

Stay safe from scams. icon

Stay safe from scams.

Found someone to swap with? Swaptor makes it easy while protecting you from scammers. Just create a swap and share the link or QR with your peer.
Flat fee. Zero slippage. icon

Flat fee. Zero slippage.

Avoid slippage and high swap fees. Swaptor charges a small flat fee for every swap. Enjoy swapping free of charge during our promotional periods!
Beyond just coins. icon

Beyond just coins.

Swaptor allows you to swap NFTs just like you would with any coins. Simply choose from one of the most popular collections or specify your own.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Create a Swap

Open the Swap App. Specify what you want to swap and with whom, connect your wallet and create the swap.
Please note:
You can allow anybody to accept the swap, or make it exclusive for your peer by entering their address.

2. Share swap link or QR code

After creating the swap, you will be redirected to an overview of all the swap terms you defined in the Swap App.
Click the share button and send the generated swap link or QR code to anyone you wish to swap with.

3. Receive your tokens

After the other party checks the swap terms and accepts it, the smart contract executes the swap.

Tune In for More

Swaptor is constantly evolving! Stay tuned for our order book model feature and get great deals during the promotional period.